Auriou Rasps

These rasps are handstitched. Yes each of the teeth are set by hand. So what does that do for your work? Because they are set by hand they are random instead of in line like you find on mass produced rasps, they cut clean.  Do you have to use these to do great work? No, Sam used a Nicholson Patternmaker's rasp. If Sam tried these he sure would have used them. They cut quicker and cleaner and feel great in your hand. Thank goodness they are available again! They are the Mercedes of rasps. If you are right handed buy the right handed model and if you are a lefty, buy the lefty. a rasp 5 9 I like to use a #5 for rough shaping and a #9 or #10 to clean it up and refine the shape. Auriou now makes a combination #5 and #9 flat rasp that is a great value and a "Tool to Buy" Auriou Albi 10" Combi #5 and #9 (other side) Rasp R. H.   $104.99 Auriou Albi 10" Combi #5 and #9 (other side) Rasp L. H.   $104.99   You need a rasp with a curved side and enough length and heft to create concave surfaces. The ears and the radius on the back of the headrest/ back leg transition are examples of the work the Auriou 9" #10 can do wonderfully. Auriou 12" #10 Cabinet Rasp       R. H.                                  $About $140
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