Whiteside Router Bits

Router Bits for Sculptured Chair Joints Exclusively By whiteside logo Leg and Seat Router Bit Set from Whiteside The router bits used in making the seat to leg joints must match. The #1922 Rabbet and #2010 Roundover router bits are a must have for this project. In the DVD I used bits that I've had for years that just happen to match. It is almost impossible to find a rabbet bit that is 1 1/2" diameter now. Most of the manufacturers are now making a rabbet bit with different size interchangeable pilots. They are usually 1 3/8" or 1 1/4" diameter and they will not match up with a 3/4" roundover.           about $70 Available from Highland Woodworking as a set and from Woodcraft individually.   Not a necessity but a luxury: Whiteside Solid Carbide 1/2" Spiral Flush Trim Bit w/ 2" Cutting Length - 1/2" Shank The Pattern Making/ Trim Bit is has 2" of spiral cutting surface. It beautifully trims the back legs flush at your router table with your top-mounted pattern attached. The spiral bit significantly cuts down on tear-out from reversing grain situations found on the back leg. #RFTD5200 U48                  $90
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