Sanding & Finishing

Nobody likes sanding! I have never had a woodworker tell me, I really like sanding it is just the most fullfilling part of woodworking for me. Breathing dust is no fun and not good for your health. My favorite sander is the Mirka Ceros with the Festool R09 coming in second. These are great and will help you remove scratches left by the grinding wheel or the Festool 24 grit Saphir sandpaper. Be ready to hand sand lots of the chair. It is no fun but will be the best answer all the way to 1000 grit. Finishing has been simplified by Masterpiece Wood Finish. It is available at Highland Woodworking. It will keep you from having to do the following like I did when I first started. These are the directions for making your own oil and wax finish. Remember this is to be a third-a third and a third mixture. Use a 4oz. block of beeswax. Grate it up like cheese. I used a crock pot (small warming pot). It took 6 to 8 hours but finally melted w/o boiling. I would worry about the boiled linseed oil and tung oil flashing at or before it reached a boiling point. This could be a fire hazard. When the solid wax dissapears it is done. Let it cool overnight. The consistency of the mixture after it cools is like heavy cream. Rub it in by hand. Rub hard! Rub until your hand is hot. Don't leave a lot of it gobbed on the surface. Remove enough that the remaining mixture can have a chance to dry. Let it dry 24 hours. It will still feel a little sticky. Rub a little more in and remove any excess with a cloth. Let it dry. After about three application, let the chair sit for a couple of days wipe (polish it with a cloth ever)day. It will dry in 5 to 7 days. To renew the shine just buff with a cloth.  
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