Pattern Makers Vise

The Perfect Vise for Chairmaking em pat vise Pattern Maker's Woodworking Vise Sam had a real Emmert Patternmaker's Vise but he claims he would rather use a shoulder or tail vise on his bench. I just don't see why he didn't like to use the Patternmaker's Vise. I use mine everyday. It is mounted on the end of a bench so I can work on three sides of the work. The front jaw pivots to hold all kinds of odd-shaped legs, arms, spindles, headrests and rockers for shaping with rasps and power shaping tools. I like to use it turned 90 degrees so an end is up. I line the jaws with plywood pads (that I installed) and cover the plywood with cork so as not to mar the work. The Emmert Vise is no longer manufactured but a replica is available. Like I said before, I use it everyday. This tool is a smile maker!       
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