Hand Tools

This router is a must for fitting the leg joints. The bottom of the router body rides the tops of the leg shoulders and the blade makes thin shavings of the dado bottoms until they are the perfect depth and fit. This is simply a must! $80 ht1     Scrapers Scrapers are a must if you are building fine hardwood furniture. They can do several things wonderfully if you can learn to raise a proper burr. We will work on that in a video at some point. I use a big thick card scraper to clean up marks from the grinders and rasps. I also do shaping on broad surfaces with this scraper. The scraper I use the most is more flexible allowing me to dig in with my thumbs and move a particular high spot. This is a must! This set of contoured scrapers is perfect for this type of wood sculpture. Shape and fefine all the details that make this chair fun to carve. This set is for the woodworker who will spend the time for outstanding results. Small Curved Scraper Set ht2      
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