Build A Sculptured Rocker Instructional Bundle

item1 Special Rocker Bundle - "Build A Sculptured Rocker 2 DVD, Book and Original Full-Size Pattern set PLUS the NEW! 8/4 Companion Rocker Pattern Set $89.99
  Charles Brock's lively 103 minute DVD plus 48-page book with 72 color photos plus two 24" x 48" full-size original pattern set provide you with all the knowledge and confidence you will need to build your own sculptured rocker. Charles will teach you how to:
  • Choose and order wood for you project
  • Scoop out the deep saddle
  • Craft the unique visible seat-to-leg joinery
  • Shape, sculpt and assemble the flowing headrest, arms and spindles
  • Laminate and carve the signature laminated rockers
  • Assemble the rocker with the proper glue, screws and plugs
Carve, sand and finish the chair to taste, creating a sculptured rocker with a final touch of your own artistry Additional Rocker Instruction is available from Charles Brock’s Sculptured Chair Making School Click Here to Find Out More PLUS Shaping a Sculptured Rocker with Charles Brock DVD This companion video teaches the art of carving a beautiful organic rocking chair. Using lively, tight video shots with rich explanations, the DVD will fully explain:

• Identification of the tools that Charles uses for sculpting
• Analysis of all of the rocker's lines and surfaces in three views
• How to sculpt the individual parts of the rocker
• How to fair the parts together for that flowing, seamless look   This 1-Hour 50-Minute DVD will teach you how to sculpt furniture and help you make your rocker a true work of art to be enjoyed for years to come. 
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