High Back Dining Chair Patterns

High Back Dining Chair

    The High Back Dining Chair is simply stunning with it's sweeping arms and deep sculptured "Big Smile" seat. The back legs have many compound curves to support the sitter as well as bring visual pleasure to the viewer. The seat is only 20" deep and ideal for sitting at a table. In fact, with the new seat the chair is very much like the Low Back Dining Chair save the back legs and spindles. The complete set of patterns includes arm and seat patterns that can be used with the original low back patterns to improve the low back chair for the dining experience. The Online School's contains almost 3 hours of instructional videos designed to help you build the High Back Dining Chair. Together with your "Build a Sculptured Low Back Chair" DVD and book you will have everything you need to get the results you want for this great project.   High Back Dining Chair Complete Pattern Set with Companion Low Back Dining Chair Enhanced Patterns


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